We thought that it would be appropriate to update our customers on the current pandemic and how it is affecting Professional Gun Shop: for orders being placed online and for visits to our retail stores and shooting ranges.

Retail Stores:¬†currently we are taking precautions in our retail store locations, and at this time retail stores are open. Phone lines were unable to be answered due to the huge influx of customers, so we have temporarily disabled them.¬† We are trying to respond to emails related to store backorders, but all employees are trying their best to help in-store customers, restock, and clean.¬† Product, especially ammo, is moving off the shelves at a very rapid rate, and we are doing our best to stay as stocked as possible.¬† There are long lines at registers, we apologize for that and are working to fix it, but to get new registers up and running and new employees trained won’t help us in the short term.¬† ¬†Also, government background check systems are overloaded, and approvals are coming back very slowly.¬† This is out of our control.¬† If you need to, you can place your gun on a layaway and come back later or on a following day.

Ranges:  ranges are open as normal and operating with normal business hours.

Internet Orders:¬†¬†product is disappearing at an extremely rapid rate, and we are doing our best to grab as much product for our customers as possible; however, in times of crises¬†we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fill every order.¬†¬† Apologies if this happens to you.¬† Our computer systems update from suppliers every few minutes, but product can disappear before we have a chance to react.¬† ¬†Leadtimes may be extended¬†past the time that you are initially quoted.¬† Again, this is due to supply disruption.¬† It is possible that if our suppliers stop shipping product, that we may have to put outstanding orders on a temporary hold, until the situation resolves itself.¬† You will be notified if this occurs.¬† Again, we try to plan ahead for these types of events, but this situation is affecting the entire supply chain. Phones are currently disabled as we don’t have the manpower to process orders, move product, and answer phones– you will still be able to contact us via email and we will strive to get back with you as soon as possible.

Layaways:  The Layaway Program is suspended until further notice.

To our valued customers from the team at Professional Gun Shop:¬† we care about you and your safety and we are going to do everything in our power to help you prepare, but please be patient with us given the situation.¬† Our employees and our supplier’s employees have to stay safe too, and this may affect our ability to process orders in a timely fashion.¬† Thank you, and stay safe.¬†¬†

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