Is it legal to buy guns online?


Yes, it’s completely legal to buy firearms online.  It a simple task to make a purchase from an online gun store. First you make your purchase, then contact a local dealer to facilitate a FFL Transfer.  A good dealer takes over from there and all you need to do is wait on a phone call for pickup.

What’s an FFL and why is it called a transfer?

FFL stands for Federal Firearms License, and an FFL transfer is simply the process of changing possession of a firearm from an FFL to another FFL or customer. In almost all cases, it is not legal to receive a gun at your home or transfer a gun across state lines without the involvement of a dealer. Having an FFL dealer receive your online purchase is what keeps this process secure, safe, and legal.

When you buy a gun online from an FFL, like our online gun store, federal law requires you to have it shipped to a dealer with a federal firearms license so they can conduct the background check and legally transfer the gun to you. When your chosen FFL dealer notifies you that your purchase from us has arrived, you just show up to your FFL’s licensed location, fill out ATF Form 4473, pass your background check, and take your new baby (or babies) home.

Once you complete Form 4473, they conduct the federal background check through the National Instant Criminal Check System, and you pay the FFL their transfer fee.
At this point your new gun has been properly transferred.

1. Select a local FFL

As you explore online resources to locate a nearby FFL for your firearm transfer, keep in mind that you must confirm they will actually accept your item and perform the transfer, and that their fee is reasonable. You wouldn’t want an FFL to receive your items if they charge super high fees or only conduct gun transfers for items purchased in their store. You can find an FFL dealer near you using our FFL Finder page.

2. Contact FFL and confirm transfer

Before buying a gun online, it’s best to have already contacted and secured an FFL dealer to conduct firearm transfers for you. So when speaking with them for the first time, confirm that they are willing to accept the firearm shipment and that you’re comfortable with the dealer’s fee. Some state and local jurisdictions may impose fees or additional paperwork that you have to complete, discuss this with the FFL dealer if you have any questions about the local transfer process. Once that’s established, you simply provide your contact information and communicate that you plan to purchase a gun online and have it shipped to them. Once you have completed the first transfer with them, it’s courteous to send them a heads-up the next time a firearm purchase will be sent to them for you to pick up. It helps them to know what item is headed their way and where it’s coming from.

3. Buy guns online

If you’re shopping with us, you can order online at any time, just browse our selection of handguns, long guns, silencers, and NFA firearms, then add the ammunition and accessories you need. It’s easy to explore our online gun store inventory, you can search by keyword, model, manufacturer, caliber, capacity, safety, and price. Select the firearms or parts you want, add them to cart, include the receiving FFL if you have it, then complete your payment.

4. How to transfer to your dealer from our Online Gun Store

To buy from our online gun store, there are 3 ways to get your receiving dealer in contact with us.

Already have your FFL dealer’s information? Enter the FFL number in the available box on the check out page then place your order.

Need to locate a nearby FFL? Use our FFL Lookup page at any time. The “Federal Firearms License Search” feature also displays next to your shopping cart when you’re buying from us. Just make contact with the local FFL of your choice and confirm they’ll handle your transfer.

Get your FFL to email us.  It’s common policy for FFL dealers to not give out their license number to consumers, so all you need to do is establish communication between P D S and your chosen FFL.  If you’re buying online from PGS, contact us and make sure to include any invoice numbers and your customer name so we can match it to your order.


5. Go get your new gun

It’s here! Your local FFL will notify you when your shipment has arrived. Make sure you bring a government-issued ID with your picture and current address, licenses, or permits depending on your state and the items you have purchased. Inspect the firearm before accepting the transfer, complete necessary paperwork and background check, then accept firearm possession. Gun transfers and usage are always subject to government regulations, so keep up to date on how to stay in compliance with these regulations in your area.


Whether you’re a new gun owner or just new to the online buying process, you’ll find great deals and experience excellent customer service when you buy from our online gun store. Keep the purchase process simple and shop with Mister Guns, we handle all the logistics and paperwork for you to get your firearm, confirming your receiving FFL has a valid license, and managing transfer approvals, shipping, and tracking.


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